Why Join the It Works team? 

Whether you are looking to make an extra $500 a month or earn $5000 a month or more It is possible with It works. In just 3 easy steps you can reach your financial goals. I will be there to guide and teach you through these steps. And It Works! Is so confident in these 3 steps to Success they guarantee you at least $500 a month if you achieve them. This is the perfect time to join It Works, with only 70,000 distributors in 2013 worldwide compared to other companies millions of distributors ... Also we will be opening up in 8-10 new countries this year!!! We are the first company to offer the one of a kind first to market Ultimate Body Wrap, we also offer a number of other all natural skin and health supplements. 

Other ways to earn with It Works ...

When You sign up you will receive your Business builder kit, Which includes a box of wraps. You can also Boost your  business and order one of our Booster kits. The Mini Booster Pack (which is only available at sign up) Comes with A bottle of Fat Fighters, A bottle of Defining Gel, A tub of Greens,  2 boxes of Wraps and a box of facial wraps!! That is a $268 value for only $149. And that = $300+ Party cash!! 

     Then there is The Booster Pack Which is A bottle of Fat Fighters, Defining Gel and a tub of Greens, 3 Boxes of facial wraps and 8 boxes of Body Wraps.